Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Time to JUMP

Well, I've tried on different swimsuits, taken lessons, talked with all the experts, and  I'm finally ready to jump in the water.

The Inkodye is such an interesting medium. There are a variety of ways to achieve tone, resolution and color; a variety of application and exposure methods; and various effects from different in material. I'm going to use a combination of ink density with select lighting and exposure time to try to achieve a light or gradiated exposure.

As far as the 'object of exposure,' I feel that used as an art medium only, the best value for the use of Inkodye is exposure of complex images - otherwise, stenciling would be just as effective. Because I want to do large work, it requires large transparencies - something nearly unavailable in Vancouver, WA. Only one of the 6 vendors I contacted was able to confidently state the ability to print a large transparency and provide me an estimate within 24 hours of my request. Oh, how I would like to utilize their services - just for the fact of their customer service. But, the estimate was out of my budget for this project. I'm going to make the best of tiling 8.5 x 11 transparencies to compose my (2) 54ish" x 60" negatives. My hope is since I will be overlaying images, the lines that may appear from tiling will fade into the composite.

So, TOMORROW, I'll be taking the big dive and exposing my images at the open studio from 5-9.

"JUMP!" says Dad.

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