Thursday, February 6, 2014


I'm done! I'm done! I'm really done!

Even though snow threatens the opening tomorrow, I cannot be troubled. I have so much joy from finishing this project. After the opening, I'll post photos of the finished pieces. I learned a lot from the various processes used. I want to keep doing projects like these, at least until I perfect my technique.

I'm also flattered that a number of people have shared that they plan to attend tomorrow's opening. This community really is filled with folks who are generally positive, encouraging and supportive.

Check back around noon tomorrow to see if we end up postponing the opening!

Saturday, February 1, 2014

So close... yet so far away

At the time of my last post, I thought I only had 9 days left. Turns out I can't read a calendar, and I had about 17 days left. But, NOW we are down to the wire. And really, I don't even have 6 days, because it should be up before Friday.

Showing off my stencil material. Photo by Cara Cottingham. See more of Cara's photos from this day at

So, there are 2 pieces that I am hanging. I just finished one of them today. I am... satisfied??? Honestly, I don't know how most artists go on with this acceptance of their output. I rarely love what I've created. I could go on and pick it apart, but I suppose that's not good juju. Because I don't love it, it's hard for me to hear others say nice things about it. I feel they are just being nice. If someone really did like it, I probably wouldn't believe them. It's a shame. What I would love is if somebody came up and said, "yeah, I don't like my piece either. I know how it feels."

I'll expose the 2nd piece tonight, and hope to do the stencil on Monday or Tuesday. Notes for this 2nd full run: The exposure will not be what you expect. It will be too dark or too light. It's better to spray too little on your stencil than too much. Do not let your paint supply dictate your technique or color choices. Buy more/different paint if needed. It is an experiment. Do not be upset if it's not precisely what you envisioned. You are not an expert.

This is from a couple weeks ago. I was cutting foam so that it lay neatly under the table as part of my exposure unit. Photo by Jennifer Williams.
So, come by VOCA on Friday the 7th, and tell me what you really think! ; P At 6:30 and 8:30, a small dance troupe will perform in response to our art.