Saturday, March 8, 2014

The Verdict is In

People like it!

Panorama taken February 28th.

I was overjoyed to be surrounded by so much creative energy and excitement last night at the opening.

All the artists except K.C. were there (she had a new grandchild to meet!). Also, the dancers performed twice, and were such a joy to watch. There were 5 listed on the flyer, and 4 who performed, so I'm not sure who didn't make it from the troupe.

Dancers from Off Point - Patrick Russel, Michelle Wilson Davis, Tracy Carboneau, Erica Castro and Scott Trumbo. Artwork at left by KC Madson. Artwork at right by Michelle Allen.

There was constant activity and conversation - never a dull moment for myself, or any of the artists. Many more people than I expected to come, did. I received so much positive feedback from friends, family and strangers. I was really blown away with the response to my art.

"Dancing with Nature" by Sharon Svec

I was also excited about the encouragement people gave me to continue with this style. It is the only thing I've done in a very long time that I could see myself enjoying for a while... and to hear other people as excited about it was affirmation for me to continue. Now, it would be a matter of balancing that with a new baby!

One last note about process: If planning to hang things from sticks - try to use cured wood because fresh wood booooowwwwws.

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  1. Amazing!!! Thank you for sharing, Sharon! I love these and look forward to seeing them in person. Sorry I couldn't make it up last night, but it sounds like it was a great turn out! Hugs :)